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Basics of Algorithmics
Basics of Python
• Algorithms and performers
• Types of algorithms
Linear algorithm
Cyclic algorithm
• The "Repeat" command
• Multiple loops
• Nested loops
Conditional algorithm
• Types of conditions
• The "if … then … else ..." command
• Multiple commands in conditional algorithm
• Python Introduction
• The first Python program
• Print command
Python Introduction
Variables and data types
• Variables.Input command. Data types
• Algorithm. Linear code. Testing
• An integer type. Integer division
• Digits of a number. Float data type
• If statements
• Sum and count calculation
• Search for min/max value
Math exercises, solving puzzles, shortest path searching - in Mark Online students will be able to combine the development of algorithmic thinking and solve logical & mathematical tasks while learning the principles of programming in a gamified environment.
We live in the age of computer technology and digital space, so the ability to control a computer is crucial. In the first part of the course, our students will solve different logical & mathematical exercises through learning the basic syntax of the Python programming language which is one of the most popular nowadays.
7-9 years old
10+ years old
Students will learn how to create Python programs which can solve different mathematical tasks (how to calculate an average speed instantly), help to answer on different applied questions (how many weeks have passed since a certain date?). WIth new knowledge student's will be able to develop their own text-based projects (different text quest games, reaction/attention tester game, calorie calculator and other).
Your kid will be able to learn complicated programming topics in a fun game-based way with our unique educational platform. Basics of Algorithmics teaches principles of code writing through programming a game character in a virtual 3D world. This course is a first step to high-level programming languages such as Python.
Virtual class in SIT Programming School
Coming soon in 2021!
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
We highly recommend to join us via Zoom conference with our Customer Care manager.
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The course starts on 12/15 of December. Our Customer Care Manager will contact you before the classes start and send you the link to your kid's first lesson.
To participate in a lesson, your kid needs a PC/Laptop/Mac with installed Zoom client, stable internet connection, microphone and camera.
On the first lesson your child will get the login details to our Learning Management System (LMS). There you will be able to access to learning materials, solve tasks and tests and ask questions to your teacher between the lessons.
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