Fundamentals of Programming
Kids will :
• study the basics of programming;
• learn how to correctly use algorithms (a cycle with counter and 2 types of conditions; a cycle with condition and additional operators for conditions).
July 23 | Friday
17.00 - 18.30 SGT
Сertificate at the end of the course for future portfolio
for kids aged 7-8
for kids aged 9-10
for kids aged 11-14
Fundamentals of Algorithmics
Fundamentals of Programming
Fundamentals of
Why Choosing Us?
  • 20-years IT-teaching experience to schoolchildren all around the world.
  • 77 medals in total at the National- & International-level Olympiads in Programming, Robotics and CyberSecurity.
  • Own game-based educational environment.
  • Convenient study format without leaving home and constant support.
  • Unique program based on kids' age and the level of initial knowledge:
Module 1
Module 2
Course Program
The course Fundamentals of Programming consists of:
4 modules x 8 weekly lessons x 1.5 hours
  • Scan Down command
  • While. Cyclic algorithm
  • While. Color
  • While. Type
  • While. Value
  • While. File
  • Value. Scan value
  • Scan Type command
  • Conditional Algorithm in the cycle
  • Logic. AND
  • Logic. NOT
  • Logic. OR
  • Functions
  • Procedures
Module 3
Module 4
12 hours
12 hours
12 hours
12 hours
  • Algorithms and Executors
  • Properties of algorithms. Linear algorithm
  • For i in range. Cyclic algorithm
  • Paint command. Color Settings
  • Values. SetVal command
  • Conditional algorithm, short for
  • Сomplex comparisons
  • Conditional algorithm, full form
  • Nested algorithms
Coding language - is a unique tool that allows human talk to computers, but also provides human-to-human communication. Like English, German, or any other language, programming languages have their own syntax, grammar, logic and algorithms.

Modern world is becoming more complex, new technologies are gaining more and more importance in our life. Soon knowledge of Coding will become as compulsory as knowledge of our native language.
Why Programming?
Study Format
Live online classes are held for 1,5 hours once a week.
1:6 teacher-students ratio allows to pay attention to every child.
Compulsory homework after the lesson for consolidating all of the received knowledge
Constant support. Teacher and our customer care manager are always ready to help
All you need for classes: a stable Internet connection, a headset and a laptop/computer
Course Price
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Price for 1 module*
Module Duration:
8 lessons x 1,5 hours
Start date:
July 23
Schedule: Fridays
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* 5% family discount
for buying courses for 2 and more children from one family at once
How long is one class?
1h 30min. Our 20 years of expertise 1h 30min in IT-education for kids shows this is the ideal time to keep kids focused and provide sufficient information. There is a 5 min break after the first 45 min.
    Do you have a free trial period?
    We offer a free open lesson to show how a lesson looks like. Besides we kindly invite you to take part in the lesson as well to see your kid's level of interest and engagement.
      How can we keep in touch with our teacher? Get the feedback?
      You can always contact your teacher with the question button in Eduapp. If you want to know about your kid's progress or have some feedback please check-up your care manager. She will provide you with all the information you need. We also kindly inform you that in the middle of the course a teacher will send you a personal feedback on your kid's progress, at the end of the course you will be invited for short talk with a teacher.
        Is the SIT Programming School Curriculum suitable for my child?
        We believe that all the children have a programming talent. Our programs help them to open up and embrace their predispositions.
          What is the company's Public holiday policy?
          We don't give classes on Public holidays. Please, check up with your care manager about the particular date.
          What are your operating hours? How can we contact you?
          Our operating hours are 3pm SG-11pm SG. You can contact us by email or whatsapp.
          How is the SIT Programming school Curriculum different from other schools?
          • 20 years expertize of teaching
          • We made special LMS with teaching materials
          • We made our own game-based educational environment, Mark.Online that makes learning programming & math much easier for our junior students
          • Mounthly teacher's feedback
          • International team
          • 77 medals in total at the National- & International-level Olympiads in Programming, Robotics and CyberSecurity.
          What will kid get after this course?
          • Programming skills
          • Algorithmic skills
          • IT skills
          • Math skills
          • English class
          • Soft skills
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